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We just got a call from our credit card company that Ascentive was trying to charge $59.95 onto our credit card.

We never have purchased through them and whoever was trying to didn't have the right expiration date of our card.

If you see a charge on your account from Ascentive and have not purchased any software from them, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. If your credit card company is as good as Discover, they will take care of you.

Ask your credit card company to close your account and give you a new one, too. We had unauthorized charges show up on our account a couple years ago (they figure our card was skimmed locally) and they didn't close our account then. We wondered about that. Of course, now they are! Hopefully this will stop future hacks.

Location: Tacoma, Washington

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" We had unauthorized charges show up on our account a couple years ago (they figure our card was skimmed locally) and they didn't close our account then"

Sounds like a issue with personal security in contrast to an actual issue with Ascentive. Now that I read it over I suppose I can understand why "future hacks" as you called them would be interested in keeping their computers optimized but that is still pretty scary. Best of wishes in regard to the safety of all your future endeavors


You don't say so, but it sounds like the money came out of your bank account? Did you check (with your bank) to see if it was via your debit card?

You should have contacted your bank - not Ascentive.

Only contact merchants if you have done business with them. It's likely someone making a fraudulent charge from your hacked your credit/debit card and they're checking it out for future use.


I called the customer service line on their website and she was rude also!!! She told me she needed to have her manager call me back and then before we hung up she said a specialist will get in contact with you.

I better get my ffn money back.

Should i close my bank acct? Does this mean my acct # is out?


Hi Maloneli,

I don't think PayPal is the link. We do have a PayPal account, but haven't used it in months.

Ouch...hope your bank helps you with the debit card. I know hackers can really go to town once they get into a bank account.


I just found the same amount on my debit account. I got a hold of their live chat...person was a ***!

Said their system found a fraud order? really? but could not give me any info on who? Just that it was voided already.

Then why is it still on my account that it will be paid 11/30? All set, going to the bank and BBB.

Wonderng if anyone else who had this happen has a common denomiator? I had used my paypal the day before?

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