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Charged $240 on the credit card. This was supposed to cover support for three years.

Had me install and download all sort of software that kept reporting issues. Ultimately, they connected to the computer and did things that caused it not to be able to boot anymore. They said they couldn't do anything there and I had to contact someone someone local to fix.

I canceled my account and requested a refund, and was told told I'd get one... only to be denied later.

Do not use this company under any circumstances - unless you like to hand over your hard earned money.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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I have had the same issue. My computer blue screened after that supposedly fixed my computer That was on 11/28/13.

I purchased it on 11/18/13 and I was told that it would be refunded but it never was.

Do not use this product it is a scam.

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