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In November of 2011, I entered into a verbal agreemrnt with Ascentive. Ascentive performed a cleanup of my computer and offered a 24/7 two year coverage program for $129.00 a month for three months.

In addition they sent me software that I didn't order for an additional $42.50. This was charged to a credit card. Since the initial verbal order, I have talked to five customer service reps at Ascentive who promised to send my cancellation request to the business office and I would be notified by e mail that my cancellation was being processed and a refund would be in order. To date, (march, 2012), nothing has happened.

I was forced to cancell my credit card to avoid a third charge, and am working with the credit card company. I am deluged on a daily basis with Ascentive ads.

I think this is a big scam being run from India, as all of the service reps and technicians speak with a very heavy Indian dialect, very difficult to understand and totally oblivious to the customers needs. They need to be put out of business.

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I am in same boat!

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