This Started out to be $29.99 to clean up my PC,this is the worst *** I have ever encountered.It has done nothing help my PC after charging me more then $150.00.

Now they are asking me to update my billing information, are they kidding me. There is no way to call them and complain or the get help to cancel this ***. There should be a class action law suit to stop this scam.

There are many people that can't afford a new PC and don't have the knowledge to repair there PC.This company praise on the consumers.Something should be done!!!


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They probably mean that the card was charged multiple times.


I contstanly run PCSpeedScanPro so was concerned when I saw so many negative response about this company.Of course, I stay in contact with them whenever something goes awry so, I must inquire...

did you take the time to contact Ascentive?

What product of theirs cost 150?Everything I noticed is 29.95.

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